Developing leading-edge products that use the potential of Artificial Intelligence which have capabilities to change the world

AritaWeb is an extraordinary team with a passion for putting Intelligence to work for the betterment of mankind. We provide Solutions & Services with the best quality and accuracy to help the entire community to get benefited from it and ultimately steer Artificial Intelligence in the most constructive manner.

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Why AritaWeb

We have vast & varied exposure and experience to real-world problems. We breathe the Latest Technologies that will shape the future. We provide solutions that make sense and creates a difference in real life. AritaWeb is an extraordinary team with a passion for putting Intelligence to work for the betterment of mankind. We provide Solutions & Services with the best quality and accuracy to help the entire community.


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Our Simple But Effective Process

Our standard processes will support you from your vision to the finished product along with optimum output in the minimum time span.


Identify The Problem

Not Just Finding The Root Cause Of The Problem, We Also Calculate The Indirect Risks It Creates.


Build Meaningful Solutions

A Solution That Is Super-Flexible, Easy To Apply And That Can Be Improvised As Best As Possible.


Real-world applications

We Deploy The Solution Into The Real World By Keeping In Mind That The End-Users Are Intelligent As Well.

Hero Drone

Hero drones capture seamless footage from the air, whether handheld or body-mounted. A lightweight case with a flexible fold makes the Hero Drone extremely portable. It's easy and fun to fly Hero with the game-style controller and integrated touch display. Besides identifying and overcoming obstacles, the computational sensors and auto-deployment capabilities help them identify routes and locations. More than a drone. It’s a Hero with auto home returning feature using GPS additionally it also our drone is the hero of Night Vision. The Hero captures breathtaking shake-free video both in the air and on the ground.

OODI Robot

Oodi is a friendly bot for your whole family as it is not just aluminum or a plastic shell nor it is just a three-axis motor system, it is not just a connected device it is one of the families which humanizes the technology. It is your companion, who is smarter than your smartphone, as well as an amazing tutor and a good entertainer. Oodi has become smarter by upgrading with new features and skills, but all in small stature.

Arita Chatbot

AritaBot is an intelligent and powerful conversation engine that sounds just like humans. They are so intuitive as they can communicate according to the location and time zone of users. They use their predictive analysis systems, I mean their brain here, which will remember your face and emotions and start a conversation in the context with it to make it more real.

Facial Recognition

Our AI Face Recognition Solution is precise and user-friendly, with enhanced security. With a solid hardware background and AI algorithm, our AI Face Recognition Solution not only provides an evidence-based understanding of user activities but also supports your business with comprehensive security surveillance, from retail chains to estate management, from individual stores to multinational corporations.

Emotion Detection

Our emotion detection engine automatically analyzes the expressions happy, sad, angry, surprised, scared, disgusted, neutral and many more. Backed up with Powerful AI our emotion detection engine serves many domains including education, corporate interviews including the security domain and helps all kinds of businesses to solve their problems.

Industries We Cover

Business isn't one size that fits for all, but we at AritaWeb serve most of every industry that needs AI-based solutions.

Industries & Manufacturing
Automobile & Transportation
Food & Agriculture
Healthcare & Human Body
Media & Entertainment
Security & Surveillance


  • If you associate with a professional AI development company, the process of developing an AI solution is not complex. They help you authenticate your idea and assist with all the tasks needed to develop the solution off the ground while assisting you in its deployment.

  • By deploying Machine Learning in business, it provides you diverse benefits like accurate sales projection, streamlined product marketing, actual-time decision-making, and risk identification. AritaWeb, as a machine learning application development company, will assist you in learning more benefits of integrating Machine Learning and how it can revolutionize your business.

  • The project completion duration entirely depends on the requirement of the client.

  • Businesses often take the help of AI to automate everyday tasks, label the data sets for evaluation and training of ML models, and obtain predictions driven by data through advanced analytics. Likewise, it’s implementing pre-trained neural networks into their Machine Learning solutions to improve efficiency at a more down cost.

  • The power of AI brings accuracy, speed, and efficiency to the software development cycle. With the help of AI-powered tools, it can find errors in the code and rectify bugs. This process means it ensures smooth functioning in all the running conditions.

  • It doesn’t matter which industry or business you are in; your business will undoubtedly benefit from our Artificial Intelligence development services. The results may vary across various sectors.

  • The Machine learning can be used in businesses cases like:
    – In Forgery or Fraud detection
    – In Driverless cars
    – In Process automation
    – In Healthcare
    – In Developing Chatbots

  • Artificial intelligence can positively impact daily business activity in a lot of ways.

  • Selecting Data Analytics services for business has become essential today, optimizing business solutions. These services offer meaningful insights for industries that help form decisions and predict current market trends.

  • Our whole team of AI consultants assists you in solving complicated industry challenges by using AI and analytic algorithms. We utilize structured decision-making models to implement projects, and we are initiating from the roadmap of AI strategy to developing a scalable AI solution and production-grade AI integration. Not only this, but our AI consulting team will also support you at each step of AI project implementation.

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