We Can Turn Your Imagination Into Reality

AritaWeb is an extraordinary team with a passion for putting intelligence to work for the betterment of mankind. We provide Solutions & Services with the best quality and accuracy to help the entire community get benefited from it and ultimately steer the Artificial Intelligence in the most constructive manner.

Our Core Values

Show Desired Results

The combination of gained experience and continual self-improvement, allow us to continue in innovative developments, leading us towards your desired outcomes despite the increased difficulties of the global market.

Building Smart Solutions

We create a pioneering architect using the leading edge and proven technologies to streamline the complete business processes to develop smart solutions for you.

Attention To Details

We have the ability to efficiently allocate our cognitive resources to achieve thoroughness and accuracy while accomplishing your Idea.

You Can Not Buy History, You Have To Create Your Own.

Founded in 2014, AritaWeb is an AI-ML based engineering company driven by the desire to solve transformational problems at the heart of business. We are passionate about our customers and obsessed with problem-solving to make products smarter, customer experiences frictionless, processes autonomous and businesses safer. And that's how we create our own history.

Our Team

AritaWeb empowers its team and encourages their creativity: desire, freedom, and ability. We always discover a reason to drive our efforts and give the team the right to explore new ways of inventing something helpful and innovative.

Meet Dr. Ardavan Karbasi

Co-founder & CTO

It was about 2 decades when he started his thrilling journey in Information and Technology. It was a life-changing moment when he decided to lay the foundation stones of ArtiaWeb Inc. He is always passionate to do more for the country to grow and make a better place. And with the same goal in his nerves, he has never stopped and will never even if there a hurdle too big to overcome in a short span. Over the past 7-8 years, he has been working on building the most innovative solutions that use Artificial Intelligence at the very base of it. Nearly with 100+ patents, he has implemented and improvised almost all the verticals of any industry by injecting real intelligence into the system.

Samere Habibi

Project Manager

Ruchir Kakkad

AI Specialist & Senior Technical Expert

Jalal Hashemi

Chief Designer

Disha Joshi

AI Interactions and Strategy Manager

Chirag Tanna

Research Analyst and AI Manager

Ramesh Chaudhari

AI Innovative Design Manager

Bhumin Vadalia

Business Intelligence Manager

Rutvik Malaviya

Robotics & Drones Manager

Hardik Sonchchabda

System Architect Manager

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