Our Key Feature

In-Browser Technology

All computation is carried out entirely using native client-side JavaScript with full scalability.

Hyper-Optimized Footprint

Very less loading speed up to 10x faster than our closest competitor

Fully GDPR Compliant

All data of the client-side is processed and immediately destroyed

Easy Integration

Listen for AI events by embedding just a snippet in your HTML page. Extensive lessons, documentation, and a frequently asked questions section.

Patented Technology

A solid foundation built over many years of work, with multiple patents, granted

Use Cases

Facial Emotion Detection in Interviews

A candidate-interviewer interaction is susceptible to a wide range of judgment and subjectivity. Such subjectivity makes it hard to determine whether a candidate's personality is a good fit for the job. That's where artificial intelligence comes in since it can measure candidates' facial expressions to capture their moods and further assess their personality traits.

Testing For Video Games

Video games are created with a certain target audience in mind. Each video game seeks to elicit a specific behavior and set of emotions from the players. During the testing phase, people are requested to play the game for a set amount of time, and their feedback is used to improve the final product. Using facial expression detection can help determine which feelings a user is experiencing in real-time while playing without having to manually analyze the entire movie.

Market Research

To discover what consumers want and need, traditional market research firms have relied on linguistic approaches, primarily in the form of surveys. However, such systems presuppose that customers can verbally express their choices and that those preferences correspond to future actions, which may or may not be correct.

Let's transform your conversations with Arita's AI intelligence

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