What Are Drone & Autonomy

Get visual analytics with our actionable insights

Aritaweb is offering end-to-end custom drone and autonomous solutions. Real-time data and visual analytics with actionable insights are available with our drone solutions. Our team is expertise in more innovative drone solutions for real-world challenges.

Aritaweb develops, designs, and implements integrated bespoke solutions to automate and scale drone operations. We specialize in AI-powered intelligent drone detection, tracking, networking, minimizing fluctuations, low-altitude, drone-based surveillance, and drone-based automation with highly functional capabilities. Aritaweb has delivered technologies in various industries to improve functionality and automation.

What Are The Solutions

Accelerate transformation at the intersection of business, technology, and experience in which drone are experienced with care, boosted with software and fused with IoT

Drone Industrial Inspections

Drone Agriculture Services

Drone Infrastructure Services

Drone Media Services

Drone Mapping Services

Drone Mining Inspection

What Are The Solutions

We are famously known for our case of sprawling services, widespread industry reach, and global experience.

  • Our developed solutions are compatible with all major drone and hardware platforms, including Intel, Qualcomm, and Nvidia.
  • Aritaweb has combined expertise in a variety of drone use cases, including corporate data collection and kinetic jobs.
  • Our drone solutions can be used for a variety of purposes, including security, surveillance, mapping, and precision agriculture.
  • We provide drone solutions that your staff can deploy with minimal training, reducing costs.
  • We have experience with an open-architecture system that your staff can alter on the fly for a variety of solutions.
  • We offer SDKs for the web & mobile to thoroughly test drone applications in simulation before deploying real hardware.

Embrace The Future Of Various Industries Through Our Services

Aritaweb is powering the drone and autonomy domain with cutting-edge solutions that address various challenges and various industries

Industries & Manufacturing

Automobile & Transportation

Food & Agriculture

Healthcare & Human Body

Media & Entertainment

Security & Surveillance

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