Face Recognition With Aritaweb

Our AI Face Recognition Solution is precise and user-friendly, with enhanced security. With a solid hardware background and AI algorithm, our AI Face Recognition Solution
not only provides an evidence-based understanding of user activities but also supports your business with comprehensive security surveillance, from retail chains to estate
management, from individual stores to multinational corporations.

Arita’s face recognition algorithm implements the most advanced techniques in the field of artificial networks and machine learning. It provides uncompromised performances in
identifying and recognizing individuals.

Key Specifications

AritaBot can also assist you in many ways as it helps us to Schedule our routines automate a daily task for us and its multitasking features give a personal touch.


Our face detection technology is not only capable of identifying faces in images with complex environments, but also deployable on multiple platforms, while being highly efficient, precise and stable.


Capture faces from a photo or video with the ability to simultaneously capture multiple faces from multiple cameras.


Generation of a template with the biometric characteristics extracted from a face image


Verification Faces are matched 1:1 or 1:n against templates, with a customizable score threshold based on FAR/FRR rates. Our engine matches 6 million templates/s within seconds.

Our Key Feature

Masked Faces

Masks and masked faces can be reliably detected.

Streaming Video Processing

Face detection, tracking, and matching from multiple video streams in real-time.


Passive or active liveness detection for mobile or web application.

Face Landmarks

Detect the size, pitch, roll, and yaw of a face, as well as a 3D mesh and 300 facial landmarks.

Face Analytics

Detection of Gender, Age, and Emotions

Automatic Best Shot

Capture the best shot from real-time video depending on the quality characteristics of the face image.

Benefits At Different Environment


Facial recognition systems can monitor people coming and going in ports. The Department of Security uses the technology to identify people who have overstayed their visas or may be under criminal investigation.

Face ID Authenticates In Mobile Phone

Facial recognition to unlock your phone or mobile application. Face ID authenticates — it makes sure you’re you when you access your phone.

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